High Quality Education at no cost to you.

LSF Head Start Benefits

LSF promotes school readiness by providing developmentally appropriate learning experiences based on the individual needs of the children in preparation for Kindergarten. As part of LSF’s school readiness goals, we have set the expectation that over 80% of the children we serve will be working at Kindergarten level in each domain before entering Kindergarten.

We provide an evidence-based curriculum, which is aligned with the Head Start Performance Standards.
Family Engagement
a cornerstone to success.

We believe that parents are their children’s first teacher! Our family engagement activities offer parents leadership opportunities, education and training, and support in setting and accomplishing both individual and family goals.

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Developmental Screenings
Identifying concerns about a child's development.

LSF Head Start offers development screenings for all their students. Through a partnership with the parents we work to identify concerns about a child’s development. Developmental screenings are provided to identify areas of concern regarding the child’s developmental, sensory, behavioral, motor, language, social, cognitive, perceptual, and emotional skills.

The earlier we are able to identify a possible delay, the earlier we can work with the parent to determine whether a child should be referred for more evaluation by a qualified professional- allowing the child the best possibility for success!

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of children under the age of 4 are at risk for a developmental delay or disability.
Offering unparalleled success.

At LSF Head Start we offer individualized learning for children who need more support, ensuring effective teaching for children with disabilities or other special needs. We offer an inclusive environment to support the child’s positive outcomes in education and in life.

The Disabilities Service Plan provides strategies for meeting the specific needs of all children with disabilities. The plan provides procedures for screenings, referrals for evaluations, accessibility to facilities, and plans to provide special equipment/materials.

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High Quality Education at no cost to you.

Comprehensive Services

LSF Head Start offers comprehensive services to children and families, ensuring the children are ready to learn. We work closely with families to set goals, identify the child’s strengths, address any pressing needs, and help them find their own voices. We understand that outside variables can affect how a child is able to learn, and we are here to help in any way we can.

A healthy mind starts with a healthy diet.

It is important for children to get nutritious meals to create an effective ability to learn. When children are hungry or malnourished they find it hard to concentrate in class and find learning fun.  LSF Head Start services include 3 healthy meals: breakfast, lunch, and a snack. All food provided by LSF Head Start is provided at no cost for all students.

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providing support for health and well-being.

At LSF Head Start your child’s well-being is a priority. This includes daily health checks as well as being aware of any mental health concerns. Comprehensive mental health services are provided for children, families and staff. Individuals are referred to community partners to obtain services.

• Assisting families with finding medical and dental care
• Locating sources of funding for health and dental services
• Offering health promotion and training opportunities for parents, including information on child health, nutrition, and development

Oral health for a happy child.

LSF Head Start helps facilitate the well-rounded health of a child by offering effective oral hygiene in class. The children, assisted by appropriate staff or volunteers, will brush their teeth once a day with toothpaste containing fluoride.

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